Colourpop Review

Well if you haven’t heard about Colourpop by now you’re probably living under a rock. You see their lip products every where and their eye shadow swatches are to die for. So of course I had to get my hands on some of these gorgeous colors. I grabbed one of their famous Ultra Matte Lip colors, two eye shadows, and gorgeous highlight! I grabbed some close up shots and swatches so you can all see what they look like.


I mean look at that sparkle!

Lets start off with those eye shadows. Colourpop has a unique formula to their products. It is a a super soft creme powder feel. (Just a note: make sure you screw those lids on tight or they will dry out!) I got two eye shadows, one in To-A-T and one in Sequin.

To-A-T is that gorgeous warm toned brown shade you are seeing everywhere at the moment. It looks great in the crease or all over the lid for a more dramatic look. The pigmentation for this shadow is good. My only critique would be that it can be a little patchy if you use a brush that is too fluffy. These products work best with your finger or a dense synthetic brush. In the picture below the top looks a little sparkly but that goes away once you start using this product. To-A-T has a matte finish.


Sequin is the next product and I have to say one of my favorites. A gorgeous copper pink with gold sparkles through out. This product has a metallic finish. Compared to the other shadow, it is easier to work with and is less patchy. This shadow looks gorgeous across the lid and really makes your eyes pop!


Now on to the highlighter in Might Be. Now this I can for sure say is my favorite product in this haul! (Because I can use it every time I wear makeup haha) This gorgeous shade would look amazing on almost every skin tone. This is a very pink toned highlight and it has never gone on patchy, and it blends like a dream. It looks very champagne in the pot but on your skin is a very pink champagne. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!


Now on to what you’ve been waiting for. The Ultra Matte Lip. I got mine in the color Solow. A beautiful pink nude color, a gorgeous classic. This color dries slightly darker on the lips than it is when wet. You can see the difference in the swatch picture at the bottom of this post. Now I have purchased a lot of liquid lipsticks recently and I have got to say this one is the most long lasting! It was still there the next day when I forgot to take it off! That being said be careful when applying because it is hard to get off! Make sure you have a good makeup remover.

This applies beautifully and has great pigmentation. My only critique would be that it is a little drying but a little bit of lip balm dabbed over it with your finger makes it look good for however long you are wearing it for. This lip product also doesn’t crumble or flake. Definitely a new favorite and I hope to add Trap and Midi to my collection soon.


Now for the swatches!

From top to Bottom

Highlighter: Might Be

Eye Shadow: Sequin

Eye Shadow: To-A-T

Ultra Matte Lip: Solow


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