Tartlette in Bloom Palette Review

So have you ever seen those beautiful palettes with all the amazing rainbow colors in them. Those electric pinks, purples and blues are sitting right next to that champagne color you are so coveting, that of course is only offered in a palette and never in single eye shadow form. I could never convince myself to buy that $50 dollar palette if I was’t going to use every color in it. But I have found the palette to solve all of your problems! The Tartelette in Bloom palette by Tarte.

Yes I know about all the Naked palettes offered by the lovely Urban Decay. But those all tend to have a certain tone that goes with them. They have a warm rose gold tone, a palette of warm gold bronze shades or a cooler smoky palette. Well this Tarte palette has both cool and warm tones!


This palette has mostly matte shades which for me is also a plus, because that is what I mostly use. The two shimmery metallic shades that come in this palette are funny girl and firecracker. A shimmery champagne color and a gorgeous warm bronze color. (I mean is there anything else you could possibly need?!?) Well your in luck because there is one more shade that has a slight amount of shimmer too it. Rocker on the top row is a beautiful shimmery cool taupe color perfect for the crease or all over the lid for a bit of a darker look.

Now those can all be included in my favorites about this palette, but what about my matte favorites? Well I’m glad you asked. Flower child is a definite favorite, this won’t be true for everyone but this shadow is almost exactly the same color as my skin tone, proving very useful for my more natural eye looks. Smartypants and Trendsetter are my two favorite transition colors to put in my crease. Both are useful because trendsetter is cool toned and smartypants is a warm shade. Very versatile for whatever look you are going for.


Now in this more up close shot you can see that, yes, those three dark shadows on the right are all different. Smokeshow definitely lives up to its name and is a very dark cool toned smoky black grey color. Activist the next one down is a very dark brown color also more on the cool side. Thats where leader comes in. A gorgeous warm toned dark brown that can really bring your crease shadow to the next level.

There are colors for every one in this palette. See some swatches down below.


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