St. Tropez on my Legs

Last week I tried out the St. Tropez bronzing mousse for the first time. I have never tried a tanning product before but this one was great. You buy the tanning mousse and the mitt separately. Overall this product was great and lived up to the hype it gets online. The application was really easy with the mitt. My sister did my back for me and I could do the rest myself. The tan was very even and a great color.

Some tips:

  1. Make sure to exfoliate really well every where you are going to put tanner. This will help make your tan very even and it won’t stick to any dead or flaky skin.
  2. Make sure to put lotion on the palms of your hands, your knuckles, knees, elbows, and the bottoms of your feet and heels. This will keep the tan from turning orange on your hands and feet or sticking to any dry skin to much.
  3. Put the tan on before bed and sleep with it on over night and just wash off in the morning. You don’t have to leave it on this long but I did and it turned out great. The tan didn’t transfer onto any of my clothing or sheets after it dried and it dried really fast because it was in mousse form.

My tan lasted probably a week and a half. If you make sure to moisturize every day your tan will last the longest.


Overall I would definitely recommend this product.Great results and good lasting power.

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