Fragrance Collection

For this post I will be talking all about my fragrance collection. It’s not the biggest collection in the world but hey how many perfumes do you really need right?


The first perfume I ever got was Pure by DKNY a very clean scent it was I think a little too adult for me at the time but it fits much better now. It is a good go to for night time.

The next perfume I acquired was the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck perfume. A much younger scent this sweet fragrance was a good daytime scent for me. This perfume also had a slightly floral note to it.

The next perfume I got was the DKNY Green Apple Perfume. This is definitely one of my favorites. The scent of apples is strong in this perfume but not to overpowering. It is also sweet but not sickly. A good daytime perfume.


My last and most recent perfume is the Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb. By far my favorite it is the perfect mix of sophisticated and fun. Good for day or night this unique scent is the best. Unfortunatley I only have a roller-ball version but it is good for travel. Hopefully I will have the full size one day soon.


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