NUME Hair Wand

This week I will be doing a quick review of my best hair wand of all time. This is a NUME Hair Wand in the bigger size I believe a one inch. This is perfect size if your hair is a couple inches or more past your shoulders. You can actually see on the display exactly what the temperature is and can adjust it accordingly to your hair and what you need.

This iron also comes with a heat-protectant glove. This glove has saved me numerous times from many burns on my hands. You can wear it on either hand and it has a velcro strap on the wrist so its secure.


I also bought a case for the iron from the same brand. It is a sleeve that is lined on the inside so you can transport your iron that may still be a little hot from use. It has a pocket on the outside that I store my glove in so I don’t lose it. You could also store hair clips or combs in the same pocket.

I highly recommend this product it is high quality and works really well.

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